Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The new connected marketplace experience: how to buy Package Management for TFS

It is not news that in a Hybrid DevOps stack you might have stuff on-premise and stuff in the cloud, Package Management is a prime example of this.

If you don’t have a Visual Studio Enterprise license for any user in your organisation you’d need to buy some users’ licenses for this service. It is billed through Azure even if you are on-premise and totally disconnected from the internet.

You install it on-premise, but you would still set your billing to an Azure subscription when buying it:

Once you are done you can install the extension. Remember: if you have an Enterprise license (either with or without MSDN) you are already entitled to Package Management so you can install the extension straight away.

Also, if you need to manage your users you can browse to the Users hub (<your TFS>/<your collection>/_admin/_userHub) and assign licenses to whoever requires them:

This is exactly like VSTS, but on your on-premise TFS.

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