Friday, 17 March 2017

Settle your team's disputes with an EditorConfig file

Ok, this is a bit too much :) but it is actually possible to settle some disputes on Visual Studio settings by leveraging on an EditorConfig file.

EditorConfig is a broadly adopted open-source file format that enables IDEs to be set in a pre-defined way so that you can have a consistent set of rules across tools. This is an ideal tool for creating a standard set of settings and guidelines to be adopted across the team, and Visual Studio 2017 now supports this format!

Kasey Uhlenhuth wrote a brilliant description of what is supported in the IDE, and the setting area is very well done with an actual example of what you are setting up.

Then you can configure how to enforce your style rules - bear in mind that errors are treated as such, so they would prevent a successful build!

If found in a solution, the .editorconfig file will override the default settings of the IDE – so to have a team-shared convention all you need to do is put the file into the root of the project folder, job done!

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