Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A new start

At the end…I did it.

I thought a lot of times about having an english-only blog…but I never had enough time to make a decision based on some requirements (I already started talking in ALMish slang…shame on me!) I had, like self-hosting, the blogging platform, etc.

Tonight I decided to open it Smile So, here is the place. Why Blogspot? Wordpress didn’t have a free url with MattVSTS, my nickname Smile that was the reason.

From now on you’ll essentially find posts I write in italian on my other blog, written in English. And the future direction of this blog is going to be decided by the direction my life is going to take. So…maybe surprises are around the corner!

Quite philosophical, isn’t it? Smile

Anyway, some infos for the folk who came on this blog rounding about the Internet…

My name is Matteo, but just call me Matt, it’s easier.

I’m a Visual Studio ALM MVP since 2010 (well…I was a Visual Studio Team System MVP in 2010, before the name changed Smile and as you can see from my nickname, I loved that name!), former Microsoft Student Partner (youngest ever in Italy, and the first ever being both MSP and MVP) and a 360 degrees geek.

I guess that’s enough for today Smile