Saturday, 17 January 2015

Continuous-Integration-as-Infrastructure and Git Flow

This came out at Friday’s meeting of the London ALM User Group – can I set up an infrastructure CI build for my whole Git project, configured with Git Flow?

I think Git Flow is a great piece of tool for non-enthusiasts or anyway people with limited interest in understanding Git. It creates a naming convention skeleton for your branching strategy, and using SourceTree you can let this kind of users work on their stuff with limited supervision.


So, thinking on it – can Team Build help? Of course it can!

If you select the appropriate Include statement for the branches you’d like in the Build Definition, it is literally one click away:


Doing so you are telling the Team Build to run a build (CI in this case) on the feature/* branch, where of course the star is a wildcard. Every branch you are going to create will benefit from it without any effort.

So you commit whatever you need, and the CI is already working for all you wish - given the mapping.

gitflow2 gitflow3

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