Thursday, 22 August 2013

InRelease Components and Release Templates, what are they?

The most important parts of InRelease are Components and Release Templates, which enable deployments to be smooth and automatic.
You can package as a Component almost everything, but everything starts from a build:
You can define to get the Component in several ways: it can be built with the application, independently, or just by picking it up from a file share.
The next step is on defining how to deploy this Component. You must use an InRelease Tool, which could be just your own basic script as you can see.
Beside of that, you can define some variables to be replaced and, most important, the associated Release Templates.
The Release Template is the Release Pipeline’s core. It is built on Windows Workflow Foundation, and it defines the step-by-step deployment activities to be carried on.
Right there you are going to shape every single step with the related configuration variable (like for the Create Web Site activity, for example). You can add as much Components (like Call Center Site) or Activities (which are like Create Web Site) as you want.

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