Friday, 21 September 2012

Team Alerts as an automated notification tool

Communication among team members is the main pillar for the modern ALM, no excuses.

There are many ways of getting all the team members involved, but sometimes a communication needs to be asynchronous and, more importantly, automated.

Here’s our help: the Team Alerts.

Alerts are customizable on a user basis, but with the new Team concept of Visual Studio ALM, we get Team Alerts. This alerts can be sent when a specific event happen, to a list of users.

In my case, I created a “Test Build Team”, which contains just one user (me J) and it is obviously nested inside the main project team. In a real world scenario, this is supposed to contain all the users whose job is to manage the build.


After that, I can configure a new Team Alert, just for the Test Build Team (when a build fails, it’s triggered)


Then notice some details: thesubscriber is the whole team:


The alert is generated upon a query:


And the alert is sent to the email address of the whole team (so it can be a DL, for instance):


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