Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Code Review in Visual Studio ALM 11

Code Review is one of the new features in Visual Studio ALM 11 focused on collaboration among team members.

Everything starts with a request for review: you can add as much reviewers as you want.


Then after submitting the request, a work item is opened on behalf of me for the reviewer(s).

The reviewer can see there’s an incoming activity:


Opening it the Team Explorer shows up all the information needed.


Clicking on the code file affected by the review brings up the new diffmerge (we’ll see some insights about it in a later post).


I obviously can add a comment on my review…


…and define how did I valued the content:


After sending the completed review, the requestor has a complete overview of what did the reviewer do.


Mostly important: now Code Review is not an external process, but completely merged into the ALM in a seamless way.

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