Thursday, 1 March 2012

Team Foundation Server Express Installation

With the Visual Studio ALM 11 release of yesterday, one of the greatest things you may notice is the presence of a Express Edition of Team Foundation Server 11.

It has some limitations, obviously:

  • Just Single Server installation
  • It relies on SQL Server 2012 (currently RC0) Express Edition
  • It has only Source Control, Work Items Tracking and Build Automation
  • Some agile management stuff like the taskboard, but no planning or feedback management tools
  • Free for five users
  • No Reporting Services
  • No SharePoint
  • No Version Control Proxy

Here’s the installation on Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Classic installation page, accept the EULA…


Do I really want to install it? Smile yes I do!


Just a note: a new metro-fied icon Smile it enforces the meaning of team collaboration IMHO


Meanwhile we’re talking about the new icon, the installer copies all the needed files…


DoneSmile Now configuration:




If we don’t want to configure a different port or user account for Team Foundation Server we may click Next…


Pre-installation readiness checks: everything runs fineSmile


It configures all the needed stuff…


That’s all folks!Smile


Then we have a brief recap of the installation.

With a bunch of clicks we have an essential but full featured ALM platform, totally free. Remember that with the new Visual Studio 11 Express Editions for Windows and Web you have the possibility of connecting to a Team Foundation Server.

We’re a long time away from the 2005 installations…Winking smile

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