Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Use Azure DevOps Release Gates to check for website availability and automate stage flows

Modern deployment patterns rely on automation, everywhere. A common request in this space is to automatically verify if a web resource is up and running before proceeding with the deployment.

Instead of having a script that runs within a Stage, why not leveraging Release Gates? At the end of the day they are designed with automation in mind.

To make this example generic enough, I created an Azure Function (code here) based off the HttpTrigger sample that checks for a URL availability. If the code is not 4xx or 5xx it returns a simple JSON output:

It is not the coolest or cleanest code, but it works 😁 Now, once this Function is up and running, we can leverage it within a Release Gate in a Pre-deployment condition:

Set the Completion event to ApiResponse, and check the value of the output as a Success criteria. If IsUp is true, then the website is up and running:

You can actually make it even smarter by checking for both IsUp and the code:

This would be enough to have the check in place, and automate the gatekeeping of your stage flow.

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