Friday, 30 November 2018

Time for a change

Today is my last day at Quest Software and One Identity. Moving on has been a hard-thought decision, after over five and a half years. I met some great people there, and I managed to grow a lot given the different perspective I found myself in after day one.
Working with Vladimir Gusarov was thoroughly great, we've gone through a lot of scenarios and situations but we always managed to get positives out of them.

It is never easy to move on - so many memories and experiences to carry on with you. The company deserves a huge 'thank you!' for this ride, and I can only speak well about them. Thanks!

Now, where am I moving to? Well... I could tease you, but it would be kinda pointless 😊 I am moving back to Avanade, but in the UK branch.

This means I am going to work with a somewhat known group of people - Tarun Arora, Vlatko Ivanovski and Utkarsh Shigihalli for starters. But I will also manage to catch up with people I worked with when six years ago... maybe I should start rehearsing my best version of Terminator's "I am back" 😂

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