Friday, 16 February 2018

A quick look at the new SonarQube tasks for TFS and VSTS

Last week SonarSource released a new version of their tasks for TFS and VSTS, with a couple of very welcome additions.

Up to v3, we basically had to do everything manually – especially passing parameters with the /d:… switch.

v4 introduces a context-aware switch where you can specify what you are using for your build:


The Use standalone scanner is quite interesting, as it guides you towards providing a .properties file:


Also, gone are the days of using /d:… inline. There is a very handy Additional Properties textbox to use with a line-by-line parsing, which makes property override very easy to do:


Tasks are also split now into Prepare Analysis, Run Code Analysis and Publish Analysis Result, to allow a more streamlined design of your Build Definition.

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