Saturday 12 November 2016

.NET Core support in the new Team Build with VSTS

Technology on its own is not really helpful IMHO – having an ecosystem really helps. So I noticed that VSTS now supports .NET Core in the Team Build, and obviously I wanted to give it a go Smile

I started by creating a Team Project in VSTS and adding a sample application created with dotnet new –t web to its Git repository:


So it is time to build it:


There is now a Build Definition Template for .NET Core – long are the days when you had only a couple of them…


What this Template does is nothing really fancy – it encapsulated the basic commands from dotnet to tasks. You could have done the same with a command line task yourself, but the key point here is that this is all out-of-the-box now.


I just accepted all the default settings and triggered a new build. It is successful of course…


But again, the point here isn’t about the template itself (which you’ll customise anyway).

The big point is providing support to cutting edge technology, without support and an ecosystem technology alone, regardless of how cool and innovative it is, is pretty much useless.


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