Monday, 7 November 2016

Don’t just chuck your stuff in VSTS, take advantage of the artifact repository!

If I’d get a penny for any question on this activity I would be a billionaire by today:


It is a waste of time not sorting and creating proper folders for your artifacts – why should you dig into subfolders when you can create the best possible structure?

Firstly, start by splitting any infrastructural definition. There is no point in handling the json files or anything else related to the infrastructure with the packages, binaries and application-specific scripts.

Then try to divide your output into groups. In my case I really like to split between Infrastructure, Packages and Scripts. This is more than enough 99% of the time.


This is way clearer than this:


Without mentioning the folder structure…



That is because the default activity will collect everything you specify in your matching pattern regardless of the folder structure, while the custom activity (where you just add a new one basically, there is nothing really custom there) gets only the final leaf.

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