Wednesday, 30 March 2016

On the potential of Bash on Windows in a DevOps world

One of the announcements of todays’ //build is the availability of Bash on Windows, thanks to Ubuntu. I share the excitement as well, but focus on individual developers left something behind IMHO: it is a great step ahead for development purposes on development machines, but also from a DevOps perspective.

Let’s put it in this way – if you are developing a cross-platform application, which can run on both Windows and Linux, you now have the potential of a single set of scripts for automation.


You won’t have to maintain two different sets of scripts. You will be targeting both Windows and non-Windows machines, with the same logic, reducing maintenance costs by roughly half and standardising on procedures which would work on both.

I really see it as a game changer in the DevOps world! Smile

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