Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dashboards in Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1

Another great new feature in TFS 2015.1 is the introduction of a real dashboard instead of a pre-built welcome page.

This is an example:


This is an upgraded Team Project by the way. There are a few out-of-the box widgets, but is there a Definition of Done widget? Of course not Smile

You now have the flexibility of creating your own widgets, including a markdown widget:


Everything is customisable – this is my markdown example:


You can also create multiple dashboards – this is extremely handy if you have different teams with different focus across the same Team Project:


Each dashboard can be totally different, they are independent with each other.

Eventually, there is a new Welcome page experience. This is Markdown as well:


and there is one page for each repository by default, as it is based off the readme.md file created into each repo.

This is really a very welcome addition to the platform, as it enables even more collaboration and information’s sharing scenarios as ever.

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