Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How did I learn to get on well with Git

Who knows me certainly know I am not the biggest…err…fan of Git Smile

Thanks to Gian Maria and its continuous support on it I managed to understand how Git works and why it is so powerful. I am not saying it is “better than” something else – it is different and it has some pros and some cons.

So, it’s distributed. Distributed does not mean anarchist – it means distributed. If you want to have some sort of centralisation, go for a Remote. You can use it as a shared repository to be used like a central depot without losing any advantage of the DVCS concept.

When you commit something is different than when you push something. A commit is local, a push is toward a Remote.

A Git Fetch gets all the objects from the Remote which are not in your local repository. A Git Pull does more: it merges those files on your local repository, like a Get Latest Version.

Eventually – install SourceTree. It’s an amazing GUI tool with a fantastic branch visualisation tool.

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