Monday, 30 June 2014

Review – Professional Team Foundation Server 2013

It is The Book. It’s the book you should have on your desk, library, shelve, whatever if you are working with Team Foundation Server.
I can describe it as a the most comprehensive book on the matter, the go-to reference when you need to plan/understand/troubleshoot something on TFS.
The 2013 edition is even better than the last year’s one, covering Git and the Distributed Version Control System, Visual Studio Release Management and all the new stuff of the latest version – Visual Studio Online included.
Everything is very smooth and in deep as you’d expect – you won’t find generic stuff or something about Visual Studio or MTM. If you are searching for them, you should see other books. It is not a pure beginners’ book: the planning section for example is very specific.
But even if you are a regular user, you are going to get a lot of value from the book. I strongly suggest it to everybody, from who uses TFS every day who wants to understand what goes on behind the scenes to the hard-core Team Foundation Server Administrator.

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