Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Recap of the Visual Studio launch!

So, very packed day!

Visual Studio Online is among us. Nothing more than Team Foundation Service up to yesterday, but now with a lot more.

First of all: the plans. We now have three plans, Basic, Professional and Advanced. The Basic and the Professional one expose the same set of features, apart from the fact that the Professional one includes a monthly subscription for Visual Studio Professional. Yes, the IDE! And of course you get five users for free with the Visual Studio Online Basic plan, as of today.
The Advanced one is another story – it is the biggest one, but without the IDE subscription.

Codename Monaco is something incredible - finally they managed to deliver Visual Studio (well, part of it I would say) through the browser. Yes. Visual Studio in the browser. Just for Azure Web Sites at the moment, but still awesome!

InRelease changed its name, becoming Release Management for Visual Studio 2013. It’s a very powerful solution for delivering artifacts, as we know, and it is perfectly integrated with Team Foundation Server and the other tools.

Visual Studio 2012 got some love as well - the Update 4 is out!

And eventually, Application Insights is the shiny new feature of Visual Studio Online – it fills the gap for a monitoring solution which is not SCOM. But keep in mind – you can use both! Here is my introductive post about that.

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