Saturday, 20 July 2013

InRelease and Team Foundation Server, tips for the setup

Recently Microsoft released a preview (non go-live, unfortunately) of InRelease for Team Foundation Server 2013. I am starting to have a look at it, so expect some content in the near future Smile

First of all, the setup. You can even be the most important user in your network, but you would need to use the following command for the installation:

msiexec –I InCycle_InReleasePreview.msi


Otherwise you would get an error.

After successfully completing the installation you could go through some errors. Not too much to worry about anyway, I suggest you to keep an eye on the Windows Event Viewer (for IIS, InRelease uses a 32 bit Application Pool and it can be a trouble in certain environments) and on the logs into C:\ProgramData\

They are pretty useful as they are separed by component, so you would get an error log for the console, one for the server and one for the deployer.

Eventually here you can find a support page with the most common errors and solutions.

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