Monday, 3 June 2013

Team Rooms in Team Foundation Service

So now after the Tech.Ed announcement the Team Rooms are available :)

They are not just a chit-chat tool for conversations into the team. They are an invaluable tool for collaboration.

First of all, we can configure it as a broadcast messenger for certain events





It is possible to tag a certain User Story, or a specific build to talk about.

But the best comes to the specific collaboration tags: @ and #.

The @ tag is for tagging a user:

image which is going to get notified about it.

The # tag is for mentioning a specific work item:


After clicking on the hyperlink a new tab is going to be opened with the required work item.

All of this could seem pretty silly, but I can ensure they add some value to the team work, less overwhelmed by emails and better communicating among the members.

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