Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DevOps 101: Managing Operational Issues

As we’ve seen, once Operations send to Engineering issues, they are just Team Foundation Server’s Work Items.

This specific Work Item Type is tailored on the need of explaining a production incident, probably a bug, so it features several useful information out-of-the-box. It’s tied to the AVICode informations, and the most important thing here is the state:


After we acknowledge we are on the Issue itself, we have a broad range of states to be set: this is essential for organizations with a structured process (think about ITIL).

Apart from that, it’s a standard WIT, so there is not so much to say on the Engineering side. Hey, we are who were already working with Team Foundation Server! Smile

There is an IntelliTrace file too, as mentioned. In the next post we are going to see how to better capture all the information we need.

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