Friday, 9 November 2012

Visual SourceSafe Upgrade to Team Foundation Server, the new way

Some minutes ago the Visual SourceSafe tool for migration to Team Foundation Server and Team Foundation Service. It is already available inside your Team Foundation Administration Console or from the Visual Studio Gallery. Beware, it requires a reboot of the server.

The installation is pretty straightforward: next next finish Smile


After you launch it, it’s going to ask you for what repository you are going to use, and which projects you’d like to migrate. You have to manually use Analyze, before of doing so. And you may select just some projects, if needed:


After this you have to select the destination for the Team Project…


…and the SQL Server to use as a storage, together with the migration type, full or tip:


At the end of the migration the tool is going to provide you a report like the one you were used with vssconverter.

Inside the MSDN library you can find the documentation about it, which is pretty comprehensive and includes how to use the command-line VSSUpgrade – the underlying command line tool you can use when you need to automate the migration or in some borderline cases (like when you have a huge database and you want to prevent errors caused by network connectivity disruption) – and the most common troubleshooting operations.

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