Thursday, 3 May 2012

Team Foundation Server upgrade of April 27th: what changed?

April 27th Team Foundation Service got upgraded to a new version. As you know (and if not, I’m going to explain now Smile), Team Foundation Service doesn’t have a RTM – GDR – Service Pack maintenance cycle, but every update is rolled out with a cadence of circa a month/five weeks.

Then, there are some new UIs…

You can now reorder your backlog using the Alt+Up/Down combination.

The taskboard has been improved for touchscreens.

You can filter your areas and iterations, really useful for large projects.

They removed the identity screen in most all cases, letting you automatically sign in with Windows Live. Why that? They found out some bugs because it was just a view to, so for instance in Visual Studio it didn’t properly work. They’re now working on fixing it (remember: they already support other providers apart from Windows Live ID, because they use Windows Azure ACS, but this capability is currently disabled).

There’s now the Windows Azure 1.6 on the Hosted Build machines.

That’s it Smile

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