Saturday, 9 April 2016

Getting started with Kusto a.k.a. Application Insights Analytics

Last week Brian told us about Kusto, an internal data analytics tools which then became a component of Application Insights.

You can start using it right away, there is nothing to configure. You’ll find an Analytics button in the Application Insights blade on the Azure portal:



There are lots of samples ready to go – let’s take the first one (distribution of response times in the last 24 hours, by response code):


The language is very straightforward – there is also a guide here. The result will be charted at the bottom:



This is another good one – application requests comparison over a 24 hours period:



Data like this is critical for proactive monitoring as well, you can periodically monitor this dashboard and understand where the bottlenecks are in your application.

It is really a great tool!

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  1. Nice! I have a few more cool queries you can run on kusto, feel free to check it out:

    One of the coolest features is joining different types of data (tables) - like you would on sql.