Wednesday, 4 April 2018

On-premise rolling deployments with TFS 2018 Update 2

Team Foundation Server delivers – as usual – the periodic snapshot of VSTS goodness on-premise.
One particular feature I am really happy landed in our datacentres is Deployment Groups. With it you can target sets of machines where you are going to deploy your applications on.

It is really amazing because it enables scenarios like Rolling Deployments for your existing applications running on-premise. These patterns are not an exclusive of the big boys!

For example, I am targeting a two node cluster with a very simple ASP.NET MVC application (running on full .NET Framework, so no .NET Core or anything that fancy, pretty much the run of the mill internal application you might find in pretty much any company) like this:

I am targeting one server at a time – it comes as a simple option but this is crucial, as you could do them in parallel.

Then it is fairly straightforward: stop the node draining all the connections (this is quite important) stop the website, deploy the package via the trusted MSDeploy, restart the website and re-join the node.

To handle the cluster nodes, you can easily use the NLB PowerShell cmdlets:

This Release definition is going to run against each of the nodes, making individual node management very easy. Of course it is just a starting point and I am simplifying some of the situations you might find, but all the foundation is there!

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